Christiane Edinger studied with Vittorio Brero at the Hochschule für Musik, Berlin (University of Music), with Nathan Milstein in Gstaad(Switzerland), and with Joseph Fuchs at the Julliard School of Music, New York.

She played with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time at the age of nineteen. Two years later, she made her debut at the Carnegie Hall in New York as part of the Young Concert Artists, Inc. programme. Since then she has played regularly with all the major German orchestras. She has guested throughout Europe and frequently given recitals and concerts in the USA; concert tours took her to South America, Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and East Asia (Japan, Korea, China).

Her repertoire covers an extraordinarily wide range. Besides the standard repertoire, she is committed to playing rarely heard works from the Romantic era. A key focus of her work is on the oeuvre of Eduard Franck, whose violin concertos and chamber music works she has recorded for Audite. Another of the violinist’s particular interests is in contemporary music.

Several composers have written works especially for her:
Erhard Grosskopf (Violin Concerto; first performance in Berlin with Bruno Maderna);
Cristobal Halffter ( Violin Concertos Nos. 1 and 2, first performance in Madrid and Stuttgart with Cristobal Halffter);
Peter Michael Hamel (Duo – Aus Claras Tagebuch (From Clara’s Diary), first performance in Düsseldorf with Tzimon Barto), Violin Concerto, first performance in Munich with Alicja Mounk);
Henri Lazarof (inter alia Violin Concerto No.3, first performance in Liverpool with Gerald Schwarz);
Friedhelm Döhl ( Concerto a due, first performance in Hanover at Expo 2000 with James Tocco, Solo for Violin). 2010, first performance in Shanghai of 8 works for solo violin, written by composition students of the Shanghai University of Music.

Furthermore, her affinity to contemporary music has yielded many opportunities to lend her experience to a great variety of chamber music formations and crossover experiments – especially, of course, in interdisciplinary projects.

Christiane Edinger was a professor at the Lübeck University of Music since 1904. From then on – alongside her work in musical education – chamber music has played a major role in her activities. In 2006 she founded the Berlin Trio along with Klaus Hellwig and Lluis Claret. After concerts in Los Angeles and Seoul, in November 2011 the Berlin Trio will perform in Berlin and Munich.

Christiane Edinger was awarded the Berlin Art Prize (Young Generation) and won the German Critics’ Award.

She plays a violin by Ragnar Hayn made in 2008, which is distinctive for its voluminous and outstandingly warm, expressive tone.